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The Dr D. “Martin” Hedstrom III Memorial Grant
for Reducing the Burden of Fatal and Non­Fatal Drowning

Introduction: Dr Martin Hedstrom was an ocean rescue lifeguard in Jacksonville Beach, Florida before completing medical school in the Dominican Republic. He was a charter member of Lifeguards Without Borders and was dedicated to community service and drowning prevention. More importantly, he was an adventurous, outgoing, all-around awesome guy that was a close friend and brother to us all. He was a best friend to everyone he met, and gave everyone of us stories upon stories to tell of our travels, rescues, and adventures. He was a family man and had 3 children with his wonderful wife. Unfortunately, while his wife was pregnant with their third child, Martin’s life was cut short when he died unexpectedly while undergoing cardiac surgery.

Purpose: To seek out and support individuals and/or organizations with projects that embody the values of the late Dr Martin Hedstrom. These projects should put talents and resources to use reducing the global burden of fatal and non-fatal drowning, with an emphasis on prevention, public health, and sustainable development.

Description: Martin took what he learned on the beach with him into his medical career, determined to attack the drowning problem from multiple angles. Reducing the global burden of fatal and non-fatal drowning requires more than just lifeguards. We need engineers, doctors, lawyers, prehospital personnel, community organizers, behavior experts, and big picture people all working together. In Martin’s honor, Lifeguards Without Borders is offering a $1,500 grant to individuals or organizations committed to taking a fresh approach and using their unique skill sets to reduce the global burden of drowning. We know that more than 95% of global drowning deaths occur in low and middle income countries and that formal training programs or large organizations are not always the answer. We want to provide an opportunity for everyone to have access to funding for their ideas that reduce the burden of drowning, no matter how small or how large, regardless of affiliation with any agency .