Happy 35th Birthday, Martin.

Five long years we’ve been without Martin, but his spirit is still as strong and alive as ever in those that love him and those who carry out his legacy of Improving-the-World-thru-General-Badassery.

Martin’s friends and family celebrate today with good beer, good stories, and an open invitation to others who want to give the world a good kick in the ass for the better. If that sounds like you, please apply for the Martin Hedstrom memorial scholarships.

Martin’s chief passions¬†were medicine and spending time on the water. We honor that by offering scholarships and grants for folks pursuing education that they can use to reduce the global burden of drowning. We keep it broad on purpose, because we know drowning can be combatted in may ways. We’ll need lifeguards, medics, nurses, doctors, lawyers, marketing and PR gurus, artists, and teachers. Tell us how you’ll make a difference and we may be able to help.

Undergrad scholarship and Postgraduate scholarships available.